Some background

Investing informs how I think about the world beyond just my portfolio. I talk about it with friends and family often, and I think many of them find value in our conversations. This is an extension of those discussions — a place where I can articulate ideas more clearly and reach a few more people in the process.

This is my opinion — not investment advice — just a point of view.

What to expect

I share research, ideas, lessons, and stories from my time investing. The content of my writing is broad, covering anything from philosophical reflections to fundamental analysis or actionable stock picks.

This is a place of learning for me, but I want it to be a source of value to you. I aim for two things: (1) to share a unique opinion in every post and (2) to be substantive and concise — not overload you with information.

I want to add value, not share unnecessary facts.

How it works

I write a few articles on here. Every month or so — no set schedule — I’ll email you with an update on what I’ve written. If one essay interests you, check it out. If not, delete the email. Hopefully I didn’t waste too much of your time.

Ultimately, I write in search of feedback. I’m grateful to those who have reached out already, and I encourage any and all thoughtful disagreements.

Again, what I write here is my opinion — that’s open to change at any time.

Start here

For those not sure where to start, I can recommend a few articles:

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